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October 27th, 2015

Tig groaned. He extricated himself from the bike carefully, lifting it and sliding his leg out from under the heavy machinery. Now it was time to figure out if there was any collateral. He turned his head slowly but sharply a few
times, but other than the usual creaks and pops he seemed to have survived it. Reached up to touch his scalp. There
was a bit of a nasty gash, and he could feel the tenderness of a bruise forming.

"Probably not concussed," he promised himself, more of a hope than a certainty. He reiterated it. "probably not."

He stretched with equal caution, having to stop before a full torso stretch. His lower back had a sharp pain in it.
Probably from the rock he'd found himself laying on though. He made a fist, flexed his hand, checking his grip. Now
the other. He stretched one leg and then the other. Banged up knee. He tried standing. The knee tried to buckle on
him, but he reached down and gripped it. Managed to stand. Managed to pull his bike back up. Well. Wasn't bran'
spanking new, but he'd live. Maybe have Tara take a look at him when he got back to the MC....  wait.

Memory came flooding back to him. Where was he? Now, where the hell was he? He had no idea how to get back to the
club now, did he? He remembered the odd roads, the strange and unsettling visions. This wasn't California, was it?

How had he come to be here at all?

He got back on his bike and tried to start it, but it wasn't happening. The motor sputtered, but it wouldn't turn


He would have to walk the bike, Tig realised, find somewhere where he could work on the repairs. He put the brake
in neutral, reached for the handlebars, and began to walk.

Bit of a limp with that knee going. It was daytime now, but the fog had gotten no better, and it was cold. He was
dressed for warmer weather, just a shirt under his cut. He had never known weather this chilly before.

A half mile down the road, and he was beginning to shiver. It was an odd damp, got straight into the bones. There
was a big, aged sign ahead, a pair of dim lamps lighting it.

"Welcome to Silent Hill." he read, shook his head and chuckled. Silent Hill. Yeah, he remembered the road he had
turned onto, alright. Guess this was the way into town.

A light snowfall was coming down as he finally found the outskirts.

October 25th, 2015

((OOC: Sorry for not running this one past everyone. I had had a number of other crossover characters I kept meaning to write from, but not a one was opening a muse for me. Then I found myself re-watching the Silent Hill film, as well as the American television series Sons of Anarchy. The fact the actor Kim Coates was in both began to itch at my brain in a pleasant way. This writing followed that revelation. Enjoy!)

He was a long way from Charming.

He was starting to get that now. <i>In fact</i>, Tig Traeger thought to himself, <i>I'm not even sure I'm still in California, however the fuck that happened.</i>

He'd been passing traffic signs with names that were entirely unfamiliar to him, places like Shepherd's Glen, South Ashfield, Paleville. At one point he had stopped to get gas near somewhere called Brahmans, and all the locals had watched him, suspicious eyes burning into the back of his head as he went up to pay for the gas and grab a few roadsnacks. The cashier, a blonde teenager who reminded him a little of LuAnn, had squinted her eyes and tilted her head. "Do I know you?"

"No," Tig blurted, a little offput, "I'm pretty sure you don't." He scooped up his change and the bag of crisps, meaning to exit as soon as possible, but the girl continued.

"Officer Gucci. You a relative of his? That's where I've seen you. Your eyes. You look a lot like him."

Tig shuddered. <i>Officer</i> Gucci? Yeah. Like he'd have any relatives that would become cops. "Nope. Sorry." He snapped dismissively, and headed out again. He kicked his bike into gear, and sped out of there.

Back on the road. His motor and the wind the only sounds. It was getting darker, and a fog bank was slowly rising. He took one hand off the handlebars and drew his cut up a little higher on his shoulders, hoping it wasn't going to rain. On top of already being woefully lost, that'd be the last thing he needed. He wanted to put miles between Brahams and himself before he gave up and looked for a spot to stop.

Green traffic sign on the road ahead- Silent Hill 5 miles. He turned onto that exit. Silence. That sounded good. He didn't have as much money on him as he would have liked. A motel was probably out of the question, so the idea of a 'silent hill' evoked someplace good to pull the bike out into the brush and grab a nap under a tree somewhere. It would quiet the restless thoughts in his head.

It had been 5 months since Jax had taken his last ride and met with Mr.Mayhem. Chibs was in charge of the club now, and Tig had been sent out on a charter run. He was supposed to just be going up to talk to some of the upstate Sons, see if they could find some prospects to patch in and fill in the woefully small ranks of the Redwood club. The clubhouse often felt empty and haunted in the days since then. His eyes were often drawn to the little memorial corner that had been set up to Jax's memory. He had taken a header into a semi, a fate creepily reminiscent of the death of JT, his father. Tig hadn't been there to ID the body, but the memorial gave him some idea of how grisly a fate it must have been- a torn, bloodied, muddied scrap of Jax's cut, all that had been left of the former club leader's vest. Jax's death had been ruled a suicide, and of course it was-- but it was murder too, in an odd way. The club had voted him to meet mayhem. He had agreed to take care of it himself. He had seemed sad but weirdly peaceful as he had hugged all of his brothers in the club goodbye that day. After the trail of bodies that had lead up to the decision- a series of horrid mistakes of judgement that had left Gemma, Unser and Juice dead (as well as some 'loose ends' Jax had taken upon himself to clean up, ensuring no more bad would come to the club in his absence) Jax had seemed pretty sure of himself that death WAS the only path now.

Honestly, since Ope had been beaten to death in front of them all in county, it had seemed to be slowly building.

There were a lot of people Tig missed, but Jax's death had really left a bit of a hollow in Tig's heart as well. Things weren't great in Charming anymore-- a new sheriff, more developments besides Charming Heights, and lately some of the other gangs, especially the Mayans, had been brawling over turf. The Sons were trying to stay well out of it- Chibs was a far more cautious leader than Jax or Clay had ever been- but you can't ignore these things for too long.

The road was getting slick, and the fog more pronounced. Tig shifted his eyes from his somewhat inward gaze and began to pay better attention. He already was lost. Last thing he'd need would be to take a fall as well.

It was a creepy fog. The way it swirled and moved seemed almost sentient. Like the kind of fog that would hide old ghosts for sure- maybe that was why he had been preoccupied with the past so much? A few years back wildfires had ravaged part of the Cali coast and Tig had had to drive past one on a dark night not entirely unlike this one while on a mule run up the coast. If he didn't look straight at it he almost felt like he was back in that fire- the way the flames jumped eerily, as the air around them turned day into night. The complete blackness of the former foliage, the skeletons of burned trees. It couldn't be that kind of hell out there though- for one, the fog was cold instead of hot, and it was thickening, tightening around the highway. He couldn't see shit beyond the median actually, let alone woods full of fire and fury....    

"Shit!" Tig's eyes widened. He had passed another roadsign, but couldn't read it for the fog, except that he could have sworn- had sworn, actually, since the word 'shit' had left his lips-- that there was a kid standing against that sign. His eyes had been closed- was he dead or sleeping? Probably a hitchhiker, but it looked as though he was dead, propped against that sign like an offering.

Tig took his hand off the bar again and rubbed his eyes. They -had- to be playing tricks on him. Had to.

The dead kid had looked like Juice. Same bald head covered in tattoos, same cut....

Tig whistled, laughed nervously. <i>Seeing ghosts</i> he thought to himself. He let out another low whistle, suddenly remembering a childhood bit of superstition he had heard about once. <i>Whistle past the cemetery</i>....

A sudden startle shook him. A voice in his head, but it was not his own. Tig was spooked. It had sounded like Opie, but an angry, spiteful ghost of the dead biker all but whispering in his ear <i>How'd it feel when you killed my wife, Tig? Did you like it? Did it get you hard??</i>

At that moment he readjusted his eyes on the road and fear went through him like a cold shock- Ope <b>was</b> there. Standing solemnly in the middle of the road, arms crossed, the fog swirling around him like vengeful tentacles. Tig swerved to avoid him and the motor buzzed balefully as his tires skidded on the wet tarmac. He was out of control. "Shit!" Tig cried again, and tried to right his course, but the fall was inevitable. He was swerving right towards a guardrail, and there seemed to be no road past it, nothing but a sheer dropoff. "Oh God....."

Crash. Darkness. Silence took his consciousness. Tig was in Silent Hill, alright.

September 29th, 2010

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oh so innocent
In the Lakeside Amusement park, by the carosel Walter had dreamed of, something was stirring in the debris of the old church. A hand finally broke the surface, and unseen by anyone, a thin, bedraggled and, due to his circumstances, quite dirty young man managed to half push, half slide himself free of the rubble under which he'd woken to find himself buried. Father Vincent gasped in a huge lungful of air and, almost as a result of doing so, was immediately racked with spasms of coughs. He too had no idea what he was doing here, or how he had come to be buried in the old church, and at the moment he could scarcely have given a shit. Surviving more than a few minutes more was what was on his mind...

D'Namouh had finally broken out of the room she'd woken up inCollapse )

September 12th, 2010

Cassie wasn't sure what to do. She had no reason to be here, except you do, you came here to find something, didn't you? and now she was in the company of two... men, one of which she knew was a danger, and the other... well of course she'd never seen anything like it before.

Have you?Collapse )

September 10th, 2010

There it was again, the jungle, passing by her as if she were running for her life, not sure if the noises she heard were the myriad insects that called this place home, or the whizz of bullets flying past, narrowly missing her. The heat was stifling, but she moved along with all the energy in the world, racing towards something important, something special, something she needed to see and to know.

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July 20th, 2010

random post

holy goat
To show the comm is still a wanted account. Please reply.

February 14th, 2010

a log!

Cassie is back in Silent Hill, but she can't remember why... Walter isn't too sure why he's here either...

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December 29th, 2009

ooooh, an omake

((this takes place more or less during the previous post about Hawkeye))

Cassie's been dead for awhile and she had no solution to such an affliction... but someone told her its not so hard to figure out, all she needs to do is wake up.Collapse )

December 20th, 2009


war is hell
captain says: put your hands on your head. put your hands on your hips. heh heh. this is your captain-and we are going down. we are all going down, together. stand by...

put your hands over your eyes. jump out of the plane. there is. no. pi-lot. you are not alone. stand by...
From the Air- Laurie Anderson

Who: Hawkeye Pierce meatballsurge0n, Radar O'Reilly a_kid_fr_iowa, Robert Chase, various... you? OPEN, if you want it.
Summary: things become interesting for the doc from Crabapple Cove.
Can you fly? I think notCollapse )

December 2nd, 2009

((same deal!))

featuring a special guest...Collapse )
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